IMG_2030[1]This is orange lichen called Xanthoria parientina. I found it on a basalt rock near Jameson Lake, Washington.  In the spring this orange lichen covers large patches of the basalt cliffs found all over the Dry Falls/ Soap Lake/ Potholes region of Eastern Washington state. It brings wonderful bright color to the dry, brown part of the state. Photo taken on March 25th, 2013.

These are some of the first wildflowers we have seen this year, so it was very exciting to find the hills covered with them at Fort Simcoe State Park near White Swan, Wa. They are yellow asters, but I have not been able to identify the exact type. Taken on March 31st, 2013. In the background you can see a grove of Garry Oak trees that is actually a home to a colony of Lewis’s Woodpeckers. We saw at least 10 of them on this adventure.



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