Dead Fin Whale

Last Saturday, April 13th, I was participating in a beach naturalist class being held at Seahurst Park in Burien, Washington. When our group arrived that morning at 11 am there was a dead whale on the beach. It had just floated in about an hour before, and as the tide went out, we were able to walk right up to it.

The Seattle Aquarium, who was putting on the naturalist class, had many experts on site, and over the course of the afternoon biologists, ecologists, and scientists of all kinds arrived to inspect the animal and figure out what to do with it.

The experts told us that the whale was a Fin Whale, which is not common in the Puget Sound waters. There are only about 200-300 in this area of Washington at any given time. They also told us that they believed it died because it was struck by a large container ship.

It was very sad for me to see a dead whale, but at the same time I felt very honored to have the opportunity to see such a beautiful creature up close.

I attached a link to a news article written about the whale if you are interested in reading more about this unfortunate, but exciting occurrence.


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